Why Tarsheed

Why choose Tarsheed Solar as your go-to solar installer?

It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner, which is why we are committed to quality.

1. Get your questions answered

  • Our staff is qualified and cross-trained by necessity.
  • Everyone knows more than just their specialty.
  • Any of your questions that comes up can often be dealt with fully and immediately.

2. We are a smaller business

  • Our scheduling is optimized for you. This allows us the ability to complete projects in less time than industry standards.
  • This gets you generating your savings sooner, thus accelerating your payoff time date.
  • The last thing a large business wants to deal with is details and site-specific problems.
  • Immediacy and attention to detail is something we have time for. We are trained for it and it helps our bottom line while providing you with excellent service, with full transparency.
  • We are able to concentrate on your project, deal with the intricacies of each specific project, and deliver optimal solutions in an immediate manner.

3. Our prices are low

  • We differ from the bigger companies also because of price! They have to support a much larger, more complex infrastructure.
  • We capitalize on being a smaller, more streamlined business which is optimized to give you the lowest prices!
  • Bare minimum overhead relates directly to pricing. Our pricing is significantly lower than the competition and not just some marginally small amount to say that we are.